Monday, August 3, 2009

Concrete Block Products

When you start out as a concrete block manufacturer you will concentrate on making standard concrete blocks as used for building block walls or a block concrete foundation for a building. As you get further into the concrete products business you will expand into making a number of different types of concrete block products.

Concrete bricks of standard brick size are quite widely used and can be easily made. Decorative concrete blocks of various styles are in strong demand for building block concrete walls and dividers. Concrete patio slabs are always a strong seller.You can wholesale concrete blocks to building supply stores or retail them directly to the consumer.Either way you will do very well with your low overhead costs.

Homes with block concrete foundations are very common and this is a great market for your concrete precast blocks.A block machine is your best asset for volume production which keeps labor costs down and enables you to quote the best concrete block prices. See our website for lots more free info on concrete block making :Concrete blocks

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