Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making Concrete Blocks Is A Real Business--Not a Fad


Making concrete blocks and all kinds of concrete products is a good business wehich you can start from home. Concrete blocks and other concrete items are always in strong demand, and  they are not a fad product so demand will always be there.

Some other types of businesses enjoy huge success for a short time then just die.A case in point would be sports cards. They were immensely popular for a few years and millions were printed. People who bought them thought they were an "investment" which would almost certainly be worth a lot more in years to come.

Well they did go up in price a little for some time. But in most cases now they are worth little to nothing. People who spent a lot of money  on them were burnt by the millions being printed are left with an almost worthless card collection. Many of the printers are out of the sports card business now.

The fact is that these cards had no intrinsic value, and  were of no real use. They were created for a collector market which eventually died as a result of overproduction of literally millions of cards.

By comparison products such as concrete blocks are made because of the market demand for a useful commodity. The demand for such a product never dies away, and in fact continues to grow year after year.

The obvious observation from this is to get into a real business, producing useful items and you will always have a going concern. Get al;l the information you need to start your own concrete block business at

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Make Concrete Blocks Your Business


Manufacturing concrete block  and a variety of other concrete products is an excellent business to be in. There is a constant demand for these products, and they do not go out of style as some items do.
Some businesses are very successful  for a time then they fade in popularity. Making certain types of toys or collectors items can be fantastic for a limited time then the popular focus shifts to something else and you are out of business. Beanie babies were a great success story for several years and millions were sold. Then people realized that they were not the great investment they had thought they were and stopped buying them. Beanie Baby manufacturing died at that point.

Another great example is sports cards. People collected sports cards for many years and some printing companies saw the opportunity in this market. They started cranking out millions of new cards and sold them to an eager crowd of buyers who saw them as an investment opportunity for the future. Within a few years it became obvious that the market was saturated with cards which were declining in value rather than becoming more valuable with time. Collectors stopped buying and the sports card business died to a trickle.

Products of this type have really no intrinsic value and they cannot be put to any real use. They were simply  created for the collector market which soon died due to saturation with the item.

Usable products such as concrete products are intended fill the steady market demand for a useful product. The demand for this type of product never dies away and in fact continues to grow with time.

The obvious idea here is to get into a real business, which produces real and useful items and you will always have a good market for your products.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Your Concrete Block Business


If you are looking for a good paying home business there is nothing better than making concrete blocks. They are a staple commodity of the building industry. Concrete blocks are used for building everything from tiny back yard projects such as barbecues right on up to multi-storey huge buildings.are used to build everything from small backyard compost boxes and barbeques to huge buildings.

There has always been a good demand for concrete blocks and this is expected to  increase continually in the future as more  building takes place every year on average. You are pretty well guaranteed a good market for your products if you make concrete blocks and other concrete  based items..

It is very simple to start a concrete block manufacturing business as a part time project in your garage or even outdoors on your driveway. You can go on  to build your part time project into a very  profitable  business. You can even work at your usual day job and make concrete blocks in  evenings and on weekends.

The simplest way to get a start is by using hand  molds. You build these very easily from plywood and sheet iron. One man using just hand molds can easily make up to 100 blocks daily.
When your business has grown you will feel the need for a concrete block machine. These machines are costly to buy but will easily pay for this with the increased production they make possible. The way to save a lot of money is to assemble a concrete block making machine using auto parts and a bit of sheet metal. This is not hard to do and any welding shop will do welding for you at a reasonable cost if you don't know how to weld.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Start Your Own Concrete Block Business

You can start a part time concrete blockmaking business in your garage or backyard by using hand molds tomake your blocks. One person using molds can make 100 cement blocks daily quite eaily.Details on how to do this are available through our website concrete blocks.
This is the simple and inexpensive way to start your concrete block business and is how many people get a start in this profitable line of work.Your business will increase in time and when you need more production the best way to go is to get a concrete block making machine. Concrete block machinesare made by a number of manufacturers. They are unfortunately fairly expensive since most of them are made overseas.

The less expensive way is to build your own concrete block maxchine and plans with instructions are available for this project. The machine is built from new or used auto parts and will turn out 800 concrete blocks per day. This machine works every bit as well as commercialmachines costingthousands of dollars but you can build it for probably just a few hundred dollars or even less if you use used parts.Full information is available at our website make concrete blocks.

The demand for concrete blocks will never end since they area staple of the construction business. ?they are used to build everything from big multi storey buildings down to small backyard barbeques. Making concrete blocks is a great business to be in. startup costs are very little and the profit potential is huge. check out all the information at our website.http

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Youn Can Do Small Concrete Jobs

It is not unusual for someone in the concrete block making business to be asked to do various kinds of small concrete jobs for customers. This is actually a very good source of some extra revenue. Ready Mix concrete which is sold in bags is the fast and easy way to do this work. You just have to add water to the dry concrete mix and you will have top quality concrete which can be used to do any job. You can, if you wish, mix the concrete from scratch but it is simply not worthwhile for a small job. The only possible error you can make with the use of dry concrete mixes is to add too much water. If you do this accidentally, which will happen occasionally, just add additional dry mix to correct the problem.

The tools you will require for this work are a pointed trowel, a wooden float and a rectangular finishing trowel. When you are making repairs on concrete there are certain rules which it is necessary to follow. All loose material must first be removed. Cracks in the concrete should be chiselled out so that they are wider at the bottom than at the top. This "keys" in the repair material so that it will not break loose. Before pouring the concrete into a crack, saturate the old work with water. This will prevent the water from being leeched out of the new concrete.

Concrete uses water to initiate a chemical reaction which causes the cement particles to bind onto the sand and gravel in order to form a solid rock like mass.
Lack of sufficient water will make a weak crumbly concrete that will very soon deteriorate and have to be replaced. Too much water is also a bad thing as it floats away the cement particles from the sand and gravel.

Pre-made mortar mixes are the best solution for building a fireplace,barbeque or the foundation for a small building. The correct proportions of sand,cement and lime in these premixed bags gives a consistent color and quality of work.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Concrete Block Manufacturing

Concrete block manufacturing is a great business to be in. The demand for cinder blocks is always strong since cement blocks are a staple of the building industry.Concrete blocks are used to build everything from huge buildings to small backyard compost bins.The market is huge everywhere and continues to grow.

As a concrete block manufacturer you are making concrete products which are always in demand. You are not making here today gone tomorrow widgets which become a craze for a short time then die out. Cinder blocks will always be in demand as long as building is going on.

A small concrete block manufacturing business has many advantages over a large company. Overhead costs can be kept very low for one man working from home. This results in very competitive pricing for your concrete products.A distant manufacturer will have high transportation costs in delivering to your area. Cement blocks are heavy and bulky making them costly to transport.As a local masnufacturer you have no such costs. The concrete building block has long deen a commodity of the building trades and will continue to be in heavy and increasing demand.Check out my website for lots more info on making concrete blocks and other concrete products:
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Concrete Block Products

When you start out as a concrete block manufacturer you will concentrate on making standard concrete blocks as used for building block walls or a block concrete foundation for a building. As you get further into the concrete products business you will expand into making a number of different types of concrete block products.

Concrete bricks of standard brick size are quite widely used and can be easily made. Decorative concrete blocks of various styles are in strong demand for building block concrete walls and dividers. Concrete patio slabs are always a strong seller.You can wholesale concrete blocks to building supply stores or retail them directly to the consumer.Either way you will do very well with your low overhead costs.

Homes with block concrete foundations are very common and this is a great market for your concrete precast blocks.A block machine is your best asset for volume production which keeps labor costs down and enables you to quote the best concrete block prices. See our website for lots more free info on concrete block making :Concrete blocks