Friday, January 7, 2011

Start Your Own Concrete Block Business

You can start a part time concrete blockmaking business in your garage or backyard by using hand molds tomake your blocks. One person using molds can make 100 cement blocks daily quite eaily.Details on how to do this are available through our website concrete blocks.
This is the simple and inexpensive way to start your concrete block business and is how many people get a start in this profitable line of work.Your business will increase in time and when you need more production the best way to go is to get a concrete block making machine. Concrete block machinesare made by a number of manufacturers. They are unfortunately fairly expensive since most of them are made overseas.

The less expensive way is to build your own concrete block maxchine and plans with instructions are available for this project. The machine is built from new or used auto parts and will turn out 800 concrete blocks per day. This machine works every bit as well as commercialmachines costingthousands of dollars but you can build it for probably just a few hundred dollars or even less if you use used parts.Full information is available at our website make concrete blocks.

The demand for concrete blocks will never end since they area staple of the construction business. ?they are used to build everything from big multi storey buildings down to small backyard barbeques. Making concrete blocks is a great business to be in. startup costs are very little and the profit potential is huge. check out all the information at our website.http


decorative concrete said...

Nice post, I'm looking forward for another. Meanwhile, you might want to check decorative concrete for your concrete floor needs.

Web said...

Concrete block making machine is available in hydraulic model. Visit

Unknown said...

If I started this business how I manage market and where I sale those product?