Thursday, May 10, 2012

Your Concrete Block Business


If you are looking for a good paying home business there is nothing better than making concrete blocks. They are a staple commodity of the building industry. Concrete blocks are used for building everything from tiny back yard projects such as barbecues right on up to multi-storey huge buildings.are used to build everything from small backyard compost boxes and barbeques to huge buildings.

There has always been a good demand for concrete blocks and this is expected to  increase continually in the future as more  building takes place every year on average. You are pretty well guaranteed a good market for your products if you make concrete blocks and other concrete  based items..

It is very simple to start a concrete block manufacturing business as a part time project in your garage or even outdoors on your driveway. You can go on  to build your part time project into a very  profitable  business. You can even work at your usual day job and make concrete blocks in  evenings and on weekends.

The simplest way to get a start is by using hand  molds. You build these very easily from plywood and sheet iron. One man using just hand molds can easily make up to 100 blocks daily.
When your business has grown you will feel the need for a concrete block machine. These machines are costly to buy but will easily pay for this with the increased production they make possible. The way to save a lot of money is to assemble a concrete block making machine using auto parts and a bit of sheet metal. This is not hard to do and any welding shop will do welding for you at a reasonable cost if you don't know how to weld.

To get free information about concrete block hand molds and on the building of a concrete block machine go to Concrete Block Making

Manufacturing concrete blocks is a great business to be in and has a solid future. To find out more about it check out make concrete blocks


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