Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Concrete Block Varieties

The great usefulness and ever growing demand for concrete blocks of various sizes and colors has led to a special type of construction. Lightweight concrete blocks are used to design interior walls. Or the cement blocks can be arranged by various sizes to form block concrete walls or columns.

Standard 8x8x16 and 4x8x16 concrete block dimensions still dominate the construction field but many new shapes and sizes of specialty concrete blocks are in use.Some blocks are in color or have polished or cut faces to resemble stone.

Lightweight blocks add to the insulation of walls as well as being decorative. Building siuppiers do not carry all sizes and dimensions of cement blocks. They can take special orders for concrete materials and pass them on to you as a concrete block manufacturer. Standard concrete block dimensions will be your bread and butter but special orders for masonry blocks of non standard types can be very profitable.

Retaining wall blocks are another type of concrete block for which there is a good demand. Retaining walls are usually built with oversize very heavy blocks which you can make to special order.As a concrete specialist you will be in great demand. See our website for much more information:Make concrete blocks

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