Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Make Concrete Blocks--Build A Concrete Block Machine

Making concrete blocks is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a home business with a strong foundation. Concrete blocks are a staple of the building trades. They are used to build everything from small backyard compost boxes and barbeques to huge buildings.

The demand for concrete blocks has always been strong and will increase steadily in future years as more and more building takes place. There will always be a good market for your product if you manufacture concrete blocks and otherconcrete products.

It is easy to start a concrete block business part time from your garage or driveway and to build it into a highly profitable full time business. You can work at your day job and make blocks in the evenings an weekends.

The simple way to start is with hand made molds. You make these from plywood and sheet metal very easily. One person working with hand molds can make 100 blocks per day.

As business grows you will want to acquire a concrete block making machine. These are quite costly but will pay for themselves with increased production. The money saving alternative is to build your own concrete block machine from auto parts and sheet metal. This is not difficult and a welding shop will do the welding for you reasonably if you don't weld yourself.

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