Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Small Concrete Jobs

How To Do Small Concrete Jobs
It is fairly common for anyone in the concrete block business to be called on to do a small concrete job for a customer. This is a good source of extra revenue.

Ready Mix concrete which comes in bags is the fast way to accomplish this. You simply add water to the dry mix and will have quality concrete which can be used for any job. You can of course mix the concrete from scratch but it is not worth while if it is only for a small job. The only possible error with the use of dry concrete mixes is to add too much water. If you do this accidentally just add some more dry mix to correct the situation.

The tools you will require are a pointed trowel,a wooden float and a rectangular finishing trowel. When making repairs on concrete certain rules must be followed. All loose material must be removed. Cracks in concrete should be chiselled out so they are wider at the bottom than at the top. This "keys" in the repair material so that it will not break loose.Before pouring concrete in such a crack saturate the old work with water. This prevents the water from being leeched out of the new concrete. Concrete depends on water to produce a chemical reaction which causes the cement particles to bind to the sand and gravel to form a solid mass. Lack of sufficient water makes a weak crumbly concrete that will very soon have to be replaced. Too much water is also a problem as it floats away the cement particles.

Mortar mixes are a quick solution for building a fireplace,barbeque or foundation for a small building. The correct proportions of sand,cement and lime in these premixed bags gives a consistent color and quality of work. For a lot more information on the concrete products business see our website at concrete block machine

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